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Rodney Award Recipients

The Rodney Award is presented each year to a member of tRodney Awardhe Cumberland Gang Show who has given 110% effort. The winner is chosen from 10 members nominated throughout the show.

The award is a perpetual trophy honouring the memory of Rodney Milton who tragically passed away in 1998. Rodney was a longstanding member of Gang Show and a great friend to all those who knew him.

The trophy, along with a plaque which is kept by each winner, has been provided by Rodney's parents, Jim and Val Milton, and his sister Norma.

Rodney Award Recipients

1998 Rob Lang Producer/Director
1999 Jeanie Wood Musical Director
2000 Greg Trim Senior Cast Member
2001 Graham Bone Assistant Producer
2002 Doug Simpson Orchestrations
2003 Linda Apthorpe Production Secretary
2004 Peter Lee Technical Director
2005 Adam Wardell Assistant Producer
2006 Graeme Craig Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
2007 Len Emmerson Set Painting Leader
2008 Narelle Wardell (Sauerbier) Senior PL & Choreographer
2009 Brendan Richards Senior Cast Member
2010 Kelly Finch Assistant Producer
2011 Meagan Lee (Thompson) Assistant Producer
2012 Mick Apthorpe Stage Manager
2013 Matt Thompson Assistant Musical Director
2014 Karina Wardle Marketing Director
2015 Glennys Gillard Acting Wardrobe Leader
2016 Tristan Hornstra Production Director
2017 Geoff Henderson Senior Cast Member
2018 Katherine Sharoff Assistant Production Director (Singing)
2019 Jenny Wardell Welfare Director
2022 Adele Lockman Assistant Production Director / Video Production Leader
2023 Rachel Hornstra Choreographer