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What is Cumberland Gang Show

To our audience, Cumberland Gang Show is two hours of live, fast-moving, musical comedy theatre for all the family. It's packed with loads of fun, fantastic sets and costumes and some wonderfully catchy songs and dances.

However, did you know that Cumberland Gang Show is a $100,000 plus production with a cast of 150+ enthusiastic young people, a 20 piece orchestra, and around 250 behind the scenes? There are over 2,000 costumes each year, and around 25 complete set changes every year!

Cumberland Gang Show takes over 5,000 + person hours of cast rehearsals from March to July, plus over 8,000 hours of set, costume and technical preparation to give you an indication of just how well this show is produced.

Cumberland Gang Show is more than what happens at the theatre, it is a huge commitment by everyone involved, who are all volunteers. It is also about sharing something special with our families and the friends we make. These relationships are shaped throughout the rehearsal season, from rehearsal to rehearsal, and year to year. That is what makes our Gang very special, we are a family.

.. the Gang Show Family!