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About us

The Cumberland Gang Show Scout Fellowship commenced in 2005 with 6 members. There are now over 20 members and we continually seek to expand our membership. The Fellowship provides a social peer network for anyone over the age of 18 years.

Whilst most of our members are involved in supporting Cumberland Gang Show, we also provide service more generally to Scouting including service to the Region Camps at Bundilla Scout Training Centre, catering for the Blacktown District Billycart Derby, and catering for the National Performing Arts Conference at Bundilla.

Many of our members are also active in scouting appointments within Groups, GWS Region, and State. Some members provide support to Jamborees, Dragon Skin, the Regional Jamborette and to Holroyd District activities including the Holroyd Australia Day Celebrations and Holroyd Festivities at Holroyd Gardens.

The Fellowship supported the 40th year anniversary of Cumberland Gang Show in 2009 through the sale of specialised memorabilia, the creation of a booklet recording the history of the first 40 years, and organising a special celebratory luncheon for members of the Gang, their family and friends.

Our Fellowship also supported the 50th anniversary of Cumberland Gang Show in 2019 with helping create a book full of our show's 50 Year history. Members Jeanie Wood and Brendan Richards played integral roles in the creation of the book. All our members served in a range of roles and assisted with various fundraising events.

The members of Cumberland Gang Show Scout Fellowship meet on the 3rd Friday of every month. In even months a formal meeting is held at 1st/2nd Merrylands Scout Hall. In odd months a variety of social outings are held.

The outstanding success of our social program continue s through detailed planning. Outings have included evening visits to the Sydney Observatory, to historical places and events, to musicals and theatre and to participation in sporting activities including archery, barefoot bowls, croquet and aquagolf. One special activity is the very successful wind-down and recovery dinner held after each Gang Show season. Day or weekend outings have often involved travel away to places including Mudgee, Orange, Kiama and the Central Coast. These activities provide many opportunities to chat, share coffee and have meals together.

We look forward to our Fellowship enjoying further exciting events in future years.

Cumberland Gang Show Scout Fellowship